Protect your pets

Spike Bite

Protect your pets

Spike Bite

Spike Bite Vest are very durable and lightweight. Your pet will not be weighed down, or restricted in movement. The colorful specialized pads absorb pressure from bone crushing bites helping to prevent internal injuries. Pads contain spikes which are on a metal base, making the padded area like a shield. Substantial pressure is needed to access the spikes, basically the more you rip into the pads the more spikes you get. Secured by velcro, and buckles; this vest does not come off.  Use our carrying handle, with a D-Ring for leash hookup to swoop up your pet into your arms in a flash.


Do you own a small pet?

Based on a true story, a real individual, and pet who was fatally attacked by a predator.  



1. Don't tempt them.

The first step in avoiding trouble with coyotes is to not ask for it. Feed pets inside if possible, or at least bring in the bowl after they eat. Tightly close lids on outdoor trash cans or compost bins, and don't leave dirty dishes or food outside after a cookout. You may need extra fencing to protect things like vegetable gardens, fruit trees and chicken coops. Odor repellents and motion-detecting deterrents might help, but the Urban Coyote Research Program (UCRP) notes they "have not been tested thoroughly for coyotes."

Small dogs and cats do sometimes fall prey to coyotes, especially if they're off-leash and alone after dark. That said, research indicates even urban coyotes still eat far more wildlife than pets. In a study of 1,429 scat samples from coyotes around Chicago, researchers found that 42 percent contained small rodents, 23 percent had fruit, 22 percent had deer and 18 percent had rabbit. Only about 2 percent of Chicago coyotes have human garbage in their scat, according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and just 1 percent seem to have eaten cats. Coyote diets are highly flexible, but similar results have been found in scat samples and autopsies of coyotes living elsewhere.

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