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Coyote euthanized after biting Tucson woman

A coyote was euthanized Wednesday, after it attacked and bit a woman on Tucson's west side Monday, officials said.

This was a busy week for wildlife incidents, with a fox attack in Dudleyville Tuesday and a second coyote attack Saturday in the Chiricahua Mountains, Mark Hart, an Arizona Game and Fish Department spokesman, wrote in a news release.

The Monday coyote attack happened off Bonita Avenue, when a woman on a break from work was resting inside her car with the passenger door open. The coyote approached the woman and bit her on the thigh, the release said.

The coyote was located in the same area and humanely euthanized, according to the release.

Tuesday's fox attack happened near the Arizona Trail and the Saturday coyote attack took place in Green Canyon. Neither incident involved bites and in both cases, victims fought back, the release said.

These attacks are the latest in a series of wildlife encounters, with a Vail woman being bit by a fox on Jan. 10 and two javelina attacks happening in the last month.

Rabies is suspected in the Jan. 10 fox incident, but test results are still pending.

“Avoid contact with and don’t approach wildlife that is behaving abnormally or appears to be ill," said Game and Fish regional supervisor, Raul Vega. “In addition, avoid touching any dead wildlife that you may find, and keep your pets away from them as well.”

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