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Dog killed in coyote attack in Wolcott

A small dog was attacked and killed by a coyote, and now animal control officers in Wolcott want pet owners to be on alert when it comes to protecting their furry friends.

Wolcott Animal Control Officer Roz Nenninger said this is the third time she’s been called out for a coyote attack this season.

She said she has reason to believe it has happened a number of other times too.

"The female owner of the dog was on the porch, the dog was right at the bottom of the stairs and the coyote came and took the dog,” Nenninger said.

On Saturday night, Nenninger responded to the area of Sanford Street and Cancellero Drive after the dog was attacked.

"The dog was about 28 to 30 pounds, medium sized, terrier mix type of dog, not a small toy dog, medium size, which is a little surprising, for me, that they went after a dog that size,” Nenninger said.

Following a trail of blood, Nenninger and two Wolcott police officers located the dog, but it was too late.

“The owner did say to me today that there were multiple coyotes,” Nenninger said.

She said this is the third time she's been called for a coyote attack this season. The first two times, the dogs, which were larger, survived.

She said right now in town, there are also reports of a missing dog and missing cats, which has left her fearing the worst.

“We've had multiple calls in that there are coyotes in the area, they're denning. You have to remember, we're in the middle of winter, it’s been a really hard cold winter, they're hungry, they're going to do what they have to do to survive and eat at this point and unfortunately at our level, the only thing we can do is to continually educate,” Nenninger said.

She said that starts by keeping a close eye on your pet since it only takes a split second.

“Don't leave your pets out unintended, not even for a split second. Small dogs, under 50 pounds, keep them leashed. Don't let your cats out,” Nenninger said.

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