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Family devastated after dog mauled to death at PetSmart

A Pennsylvania family says they’re devastated after their beloved dog was reportedly mauled to death at a PetSmart store.

Betty Miller, of Scranton, claimed that her Bichon named Brewster was attacked by a pit bull during a grooming appointment last week at the Dickson City location, WNEP reported.

Shortly after leaving the dog, Miller received an unexpected call from a vet.

“We dropped him off to get groomed, and we get a call that he’s dead,” she told WNEP.

Miller said she was told the 12-year-old dog was rushed to a nearby vet, but he was dead on arrival.


She said that she’s furious that the store let the pit bull near her pet.

“Why would you want to bring a pit bull past a small dog who’s really just bait? He was bait,” Miller said.

PetSmart said the store is investigating the Nov. 1 incident.

“We are truly saddened by the loss of Brewster,” the company said in a statement to WNEP. “The health, safety and well-being of the pets in our care is our top priority, and we immediately launched an internal investigation to better understand what led to this tragic accident.



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