Spike Bite Vest are very durable and lightweight. Your pet will not be weighed down, or restricted in movement. The colorful specialized pads absorb pressure from bone crushing bites helping to prevent internal injuries. Pads contain spikes which are on a metal base, making the padded area like a shield.

Substantial pressure is needed to access the spikes, the more you rip into the pads the more spikes you get. Secured by velcro, and buckles; this vest does not come off.  

Use our carrying handle, with a D-Ring for leash hookup to swoop up your pet into your arms in a flash.

This product is great to protect your small dog from:

  • Coyotes
  • Large Dogs
  • Bob Cats
  • Foxes 
  • Raccoons
  • Wolves (request kevlar padding) 
  • Wild Boars (request kevlar padding) 

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