Kevlar Dog Vest

Bull Proof Puppy

This is a full length vest with a full layer of 850+ Treated Kevlar, with a poly-felt chest plate. This vest offers superior protection over any 5-layer cordura or nylon vest on the market and is CRAZY light and flexible. This is the perfect vest for larger dogs because of it's super-light weight, airflow, and flexibility.

Level 5 protection. BEST Protection to weight ratio out there for Bay Dogs or Catch Dogs and is The Toughest and lightest 3 layer vest combination on the market, that we know off.  99% cut through proof!
High front for added protection to overlap cut collars!
4-Layer Version is Great for short necked Catch Dogs!

Recommended: (ANY DOG) Primarily for full length protection on strike and bay dogs.  Also 3-layer (level 5) is a great summertime or lightweight catch vest and the 4 layer (level 8) is a Catch Dog Strength vest at bay vest weight.
CUSTOMIZE Our Vest to Your Liking By Adding Layers or other options at the bottom of the page including Leg Guards or layers of Kevlar, $20-$25.
Shown with optional Pro-Deluxe Collar found on our Collar Page.

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